Ovid Government

Town Board

The legislative authority of the town rests in the town board, which is the governing board of the town. The town board, among other functions, generally fills vacancies in town offices, elective or appointive; may select a town attorney and a town engineer; appoints constables or police officers; and provides for the hiring of other employees as necessary for the conduct of the town’s business (Town Law, Sections 20 and 64). Certain highway employees are hired by the highway superintendent, but within appropriations authorized by the town board (Highway Law, Section 140 (4)).

The town board adopts a budget, fixes the salaries of officers and employees, establishes rules of board procedure and designates the official newspaper of the town.

Most of the functions of the town board are set forth in the Town Law. However, some functions are set forth in other statutes such as the General Municipal Law, the Highway Law, the Education Law, the Agriculture and Markets Law, and the Not-for-Profit Corporation Law. In addition, town boards may adopt local laws pursuant to the home rule powers granted by Article 9 of the State Constitution and the Municipal Home Rule Law.

Town of Ovid Board Members

Erik Holmberg (2016 – present) – Term expires 12/31/2027

Carrie Wheeler-Carmenatty (2018 – present) – Term expires 12/31/2026

Mark Couch (2020 – present) – Term expires 12/31/2027

Shannon McCoy – Term expires 12/31/2024


Town Supervisor:

The Supervisor is the Town’s Chief Executive Officer.  As Chairman of the Board the supervisor presides over all Town Board Meetings which are open to the public.  He or she is responsible for establishing the agenda of the meetings.  The Town Supervisor is one vote of the five member Town Board.

The Town Supervisor is also the Chief Fiscal Officer of the Town and is responsible for maintaining the Town’s fiscal health and insuring residents that the Town Departments are operating within the Town Budget voted on and passed by the Town Board.

The Town Supervisor is responsible for directing Town activities as Administrator of all Departments and provides direction in the implementation of Town policies and rules on an everyday basis.

The Town Supervisor and Council Members propose legislation and make policy decisions that directly affect residents.  Mindful of both long-term goals and short-term objectives, the Supervisor responds to the needs of the community and represents the Town in its dealings with Seneca County, State of New York and Federal Agencies.

Town of Ovid Supervisor Joseph Borst (2020 – present) – Term expires 12/31/2027


Town of Ovid Clerk

The town clerk is also clerk of the town board but has no vote. The clerk is in charge of most town records, issues certain licenses and permits, files reports with county and State agencies as required, is involved with election administration, posts legal notices, and is, in many ways, a pivot around which the town operates.

Town of Ovid Clerk Beth Huff (2024 – present) – Term expires 12/31/2027

note: The Town Clerk does not handle matters of the Town Court.


Town Justice

Town justices have jurisdiction in criminal and civil matters, and in special proceedings as conferred by law.

Town of Ovid Justice – Louis VanCleef (2011 – present)

Superintendent of Highways

The town superintendent of highways is primarily responsible for the maintenance and repair of town highways and bridges, and the removal of obstructions caused by brush and snow. The Superintendent generally has the power to hire, subject to appropriations established by the town board, and direct highway department employees for those purposes.

Ovid Highway Superintendent Jeremy Huff (2023 – present) – Term expires 12/31/2027


Town Attorney

The individual serving as town attorney is a town officer. Towns that have established the office and appointed a town attorney may also contract with other attorneys or law firms to provide assistance to the town attorney for specific purposes.

Town Attorney – Steven J. Getman

Phone: 607.288.3220
Fax: 607.697.0439