Free Water testing – Ovid Willard Lions Club

(collect sample after 11:30am)

Return sample on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday to Lodi Fire Department by 1pm. Samples will be taken to the Seneca County Environmental Health Department.

The container provided for the test is sterile and contains a crushed tablet of sodium thiosulfate, a chemical that is needed to eliminate residual chlorine.

-Select a water tap that is free of screens or remove the screen before sampling.
-Wipe the inside and outside of the faucet with household bleach.
-Let the cold water run for 2-3 minutes to clear the pipe.
-Reduce the flow to prevent splashing.
-Completely remove the plastic seal from the bottle.
-Carefully open the sample bottle, making sure not to touch the inside of the bottle or the lid.
-Fill the bottle to the top and close the lid.
-Samples are time and temperature sensitive; so collect your sample just before returning it and keep it cold during transport.